Woman at War (2018)

Date Shown

4th Dec 2019

Audience Reactions:

A: 40, B: 16, C: 0 D: 0, E: 0

A: Brilliant fable for our times (A) Wonderful, quirky (A) Loved the Greek style chorus (A) Stunning. Often surreal but always compelling (A) And I don’t often give ‘A’, so good on so many levels.(A) Marvellously eccentric; fabulous music (A) Quirky and thought-provoking. Very enjoyable! (A) Absolutely fantastic in every respect. The very best of them all so far! (A) Very Icelandic (A) Just the right amount of pathos and humour – brilliant script, cinematography, fantastic music (A) Brilliant film. Enjoyed very much! (A) Riveting, brilliantly paced and loved the humour! (A) Lovely film, Music v appropriate & amusing. Fascinating environment + view of Icelandic life (A) Greek chorus very effective. (A) One of the best film I’ve seen in Film Club. Loved the music (A) Inspirational; lots of questions – no answers. (A) Fantastic, couldn’t fault it, must come again (A) Brilliant but one has to say with current leaders is it worth saving (A) Just brilliant (A) Refreshingly good. Only Film Club can do this! Wonderful film! (A) Loved this. Funny; powerful; very emotional issues. (A)

B: Just right for the Climate Conference. (B) Excellent storyline, thought provoking (B) A ‘little gem’ – very of the moment re climate change. (B) Strange but enjoyable (B) A quirky film but enjoyable-comedic with choir with the choir of trio band! Brought back memories of my visit to Iceland! (B) Light-hearted romp touching some serious issues, very entertaining (B) We need more like her (B)

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