The Worst Person in The World

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22nd Mar 2023

The Worst Person in the World poster02200The Worst Person in the World (2021) is from acclaimed Norwegian director Joachim Trier, a wistful and subversive tragicomedy about the quest for love and meaning. Opening to rave reviews at Cannes in 2021, eventually winning the Best Actress Award, following up with Oscar and BAFTA nominations, the story is set in contemporary Oslo, with a star-making lead performance from Renate Reinsve as Julie, just on the verge of turning thirty. She is a potential high achiever, whose life goals are forever flexible, whether personal, romantic or professional. Divided into twelve ‘chapters’ the film navigates Julie’s various love affairs, career choices and ultimately, who she wants to become. This witty, inventive and tender tale, with tonal shifts through euphoria, heartbreak and hope, is beautifully played by Reinsve, and ultimately ends as a satisfying delight. ‘Brilliantly believable central performance’ Mark Kermode, The Observer, ‘An instant classic’ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

Audience Reactions

A:19,  B: 09,  C:08,  D: 02,  E: 0.


A: Very different treatment of an age-old story. (A) Very, very good. (A)   Brilliant, grown-up film about life’s meaning and complexities. Great film-making. (A) Touching, emotional, wonderful actress. (A) Thoughtful, intense, moving, Scandi !! (A)   Julia finally found love in virtual images of people who touched her. (A) I giggled a lot! (A)
B: Quite an intense emotional roller-coaster. (B) Rather long for me but some great acting (B) Enjoyed it more than I thought I would (B) Intriguing story; very well acted… (B) The messages were universal. It was too long for what it had to say – Absorbing (B)
C: Well acted but I didn’t enjoy it. (C) Good….I was young once! (C) Boring. Good perhaps for teenagers. (C) Strangely compelling (C) Lacked depth. (C)
D: Overlong & self indulgent; very depressing. (D) A bit tedious. Life can be messy and messed up, but watching it is not much fun in this case. (D)

IMDB details

The Worst Person in the World | October 13, 2021 (France) 7.8


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Ole Magnus
Per Harald
Young Actor
Marthe Refstad
Publishing Editor

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Countries: Norway, France, Sweden, DenmarkLanguages: NorwegianBudget: €5,000,000 (estimated)


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