The White Crow (2018)

Date Shown

29th Jan 2020

Audience Reactions:

A: 28, B: 14, C: 04, D: 01, E: 0.

A: Excellent…. but also need to read the book now! (A) Brilliantly constructed! (A) Beautiful in every way. (A) Fantastic. Enlightening Most enjoyable. A convert to ballet?(A) The joy of dancing is conveyed so well. (A) Perfect (A) Wonderful acting! (A) Very gripping. (A) Brilliant film – compelling story. (A)

B: Very good…. Some more dance!(B) Most enjoyable – a great story telling (B) Rivetting (B) Good film but I didn’t find Hare’s script very convincing. (B) Good story telling (B) Not ready for the ending (B) Absorbing an beautiful (B) A success for Fiennes(B) Very good ….* Still a buzzy noise – very noticeable at beginning of film (B)

C: I liked the chat about finding art rather than working at technique….but it was too short (unlike this sentence)(C)

D: Interesting to a degree but disjointed and not engaging

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