The Unknown Girl (2016)

Date Shown

6th Apr 2022

Audience Reaction:

A: 11, B: 12, C: 05, D: 02, E: 01

A: Great drama and wonderfully filmed. Doctors here used to have time to see their patients I remember! (A) Half documentary, half morality play. Brilliant! (A) Great film! (A) Give me a hug’ (A) Brilliant filmmaking, a relentless drive to solve a tragic death! (A) Earthy, gritty, moving. Superb! (A) So believable. Captured strains of medical work so accurately (A) ‘Excellent’ – a rare selection for me – but it was! (A) ‘Excellent’ … but Dr Jenny needs an NHS receptionist – All problems solved. (A) A harrowing and moving story – beautifully presented and acted – and life goes on in Liege. (A)

B: The slow pace of the film conveyed really well the obsessive nature of her quest. The film also showed, at the end, three levels of guilt. (B) Consequences – dark but well made. (B) How amazing to be able to see a doctor! Very good, intriguing and thought-provoking. (B) Never seen a GP work so hard. (B) Great study of frailty of life, our interconnectedness. (B) Excellent. (B)

C: Consequences, consequences (C) A bit slow. Unfinished/unexplained storyline (C) Good moral challenge – well acted (C)

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