The Third Murder (2017)

Date Shown

23 Oct 2019

Audience Reactions:

A: 19, B: 07, C: 09, D: 04, E: 01 A:

Every character developed, rounded + ‘real’!(A) Wonderful build up and layering of our knowledge of the characters and possible motives to keep us guessing! Great acting, photography and just the right use of music. (A) Want/need to see it again! (A) A remarkable film by a modern master. A discourse on truth. Literally ambiguous (A) Elegaic + beautiful – gripping – but must be judged within its genre + not compared to a ‘Western’ ideal. Amazing performances. Perfect music -so redolent of the settings and dilemmas. (A) Great, thought provoking. Memorable acting, atmosphere (A) What a story! Challenging ideas/stimulating, great photography (A)

B: Very Japanese! (B) Very intriguing. (B) Compelling storyline.(B)

C: Enjoyed cinematography, insight into Japanese culture.(C) Many of the characters were moving in their portrayal of the circumstances around the crime, but it was too long! (C) Rather slow moving. Beautiful cinematography (C) Quite hard to follow but raised some important philosophical questions. (C) Editing might have given more life.(C) After the brilliant Shoplifters last year this Japanese film was too tricksy and involved for me. (C) Just a tad too long for me to stay awake. (C)

D: This time I could hear it + it had subtitles. And even slower than last week’s Beale Street. Heating is still off (C) Overuse of dramatic pauses made the film one hour too long! Littered with pretentious homilies. (D)

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