The House by the Sea (2017)

Show Date: 2020-02-12

Audience Reaction:

A: 25, B: 19, C: 08, D: 0, E: 0

A: What a beautiful and tender film. Big issues discussed so gently. (A) Moving . Thoughtful (A) Very, very good. (A) Human nature at its most promising. (A) Our first time at Cinematheque. I can’t imagine it will be our last. Fantastique! (A) Fabulous storytelling, beautifully paced. Touching (A) Made me think. Liked the direction. (A) Amazing, absorbing – more please. (A) Very French! A world created perfectly. (A) So much packed into an initially slow film. Wonderful storylines, tenderly told. Very emotional ending. I loved it. Well chosen Cinematheque!! (A) Doucement formidable (A) I want more! The hat trick! Once again, a great film. Three ‘greats’ in a row! (A)

B: Very good – indeed, a delightful film that showed the good in us all (B) A great study of characters. (B) “Holding hands at the picture show….. “ I like it too (B) Interesting story – Beautiful children. (B) Very good but not great. (B) It reminded me of ‘The Well-Digger’s Daughter’ – things turning out for their unexpected best! (B)

C: Very atmospheric – typical French film. (C) Interesting (C) Very ‘French’ (C)

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