The Guilty (2018)

Date Shown

6th Jul 2022

Audience Reaction:

A: 21, B: 08, C: 01, D: 0, E: 0

A: Compelling from start to finish (A) I was transfixed! Brilliant! (A) Great film! (A) A spellbinding film – I was totally immersed! (A) ‘Excellent’ – + + (A) Gripping. (A) A bit slow but par for the cause for Nordie. (A) Amazing suspense without action shots! (A) Brilliant acting. No wonder he had ulcers! (A) Excellent acting, production – very tense – great night (A) Harrowing! But excellent! (A) At times you were in the room with him. Gripping (A) Amazing considering just one set and one main actor – so effective – stress exemplified + + (A)

B: Dark and emotional I have seen the US version (B) An interesting twist at the end – TG and his guilt helped save her. (B) Very good….but not my sort of film. (B)

C: Wonder if it was cheap to make? (C)

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