The Guardians (2017)

Date Shown

25th Sep 2019

Audience Reactions:

A: 32, B: 13, C: 3 D: 0, E: 0

A: Brilliant start to the season! Wonderful film (A) Beautifully shot, wonderful pace, so sensitive. (A) So authentic, absolutely fantastic. Sound + vision + photography all of a great high standard. (A) With the minimum of dialogue, it conveyed the sadness & futility of war (A) Another cracker. Great acting, great atmosphere… And a history lesson in French agriculture! (A) Beautifully shot; handsomely acted and directed. A sound ring of truth in the tale. (A) An early example of triumphant feminism. (A) Interesting social history as well as a good story (A) Lyrical, visually enchanting. (A) Everyone is waiting. A beautiful film, poignant, exquisite. (A) Fantastic. Realist, sensitively handled, beautiful colour, lovely music. (A) Beautiful and profound! (A) Masterly performance from Hortense. (A) Charming, beautiful. Are they all going to be that good? (A) Superb photography (A)

B: Very Hardy-esque! (B) Beautiful, elegiac. (B) I wish it had been on a slightly smaller screen s that he film wasn’t so pixilated & therefore blurred. Beautiful film. (B)

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