The Divine Order (2017)

Date Shown

18th Dec 2019

Audience Reactions:

A: 19, B: 22, C: 03 D: 0, E: 0.

A: Better than excellent. (A) A wonderful, reality check for us all (A) Very strong story (A) What a lovely film! I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know about the delay in suffrage for women in Switzerland (A) Great gem produced on a small budget! (A) Another great film! Thanks. (A) Fab! (A) Women still have a long way to go!! (A) Moving, humorous, lighthearted, poignant look at Women’s Rights.(A) Once again a great film. Moving and memorable. Time went quickly. (A) These Noras! (A)

B: Time for another referendum?! (B) Extraordinary that they put up with it for so long.(B) No idea the Swiss ladies had the vote so late! An eye opener! Funny too. (B) Very important social issue of its time. Very enjoyable (B) Fascinating subject. (B) Who thought Switzerland was a progressive country!? A salutary tale for our times! (B) Enjoyable and informative! (B) Great – took my mind off house moving.(B) I was initially put off by the High German rather than authentic Swiss dialect, but the film increasingly kept my attention and dealt sensitively with a much misunderstood topic. (B) Predictable narrative arc, but still very enjoyable (B)

C: Interesting cross section of society. Shame the language wasn’t authentic. Pleasant! (C)

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