Styx (2018)

Date Shown

20th Oct 2021

Audience Reactions:

A: 13, B: 12, C: 08, D: 1, E: 0.                                                           

A:   Riveting! Crushing! Compelling! (A )  Cinematographic marvel! – I felt seasick and sad. (A) Really gripping. Brilliant! (A) Challenging!!! Morally!!   (A)   Great film. (A)  Very intense film in so many ways.(A)  Feel even guiltier than after the last film. (A)  Excellent – because we sail. (A)  Wow. A really beautifully shot film with so many dilemmas (A)        

B:   Harrowing – too many similar situations sadly happening all the time. (B)  Grim, but it needs to be said (B)    So thought provoking. So brave. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Memorable for so many reasons. (B)  Desperately sad, but typical of our times. (B)   Thought provoking (B)   I think Fischer has a great film in him. Not this one! (B) Powerfully and beautifully made. Disliked music. (B) Disturbing. Moving. V.good on feel of ocean! (B)

C:  Thought provoking but I felt it didn’t hang together as well as it might have done – in the interests of realism I guess. (C)  Sailing not for me! (C) Excellent photography. She showed very little emotion to start with + difficult to connect second half. (C)   

D: Okay…but but does Cinematheque do comedy + No credit to the monkeys. (D)

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