Pain and Glory (2019)

Date Shown

9th Feb 2022

Audience Reactions:

A: 24, B: 09, C: 01, D: 01, E: 0

A: Superb production with brilliant acting (A) Excellent (A) A powerful autobiography(A) Lovely film (A) Poignant and beautifully acted. (A) What a delight – thoughtful and very moving (A) Brilliant in the way the film covered the human experience of life, with compassion and a certain lightness (A) Marvellous, touching, uplifting. Great storytelling and performances – Bravo! (A) Brave, Essential, Truthful. (A) Beautiful, poignant, superbly acted. Young Salvo especially (A) A beautiful film. Wonderful colours and very moving (A) A lovely film! (A) Excellent…What’s wonderful is I don’t know why.(A) Compelling!! (A) Beautifully shot + performed – pathos, humour, a record of a creative life well lived. Thoroughly enjoyable. (A)

B: A wonderful evening of cinema. (B) Beautifully done but rather self indulgent? (B) Absorbing; a pleasure to watch. (A visual feast). (B) Great performances – wonder if he made it – after op (B) Emotional roller coaster (B) A classy bit of film making. ( B)

C: Good….. and nice chapel. (C)

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