Nae Pasaran (2018)

Date Shown

8th Dec 2021

Audience Reactions:

A: 15, B: 12, C: 01, D: 0, E: 0

A:   Unusual, remarkable, emotional, wonderful.(A)   Very moving and inspirational (A)  Well done Bob, John, Robert and Stuart! You and your colleagues are a credit to humanity. Values sadly lacking in today’s ‘I’m all right Jack’ society!  (A)  Brilliant on the importance of Democracy. Send it to the clown in 10 Downing St. please. (A) Workers of the world unite! All you have to lose is your chains. You have a world to gain!!(A) Fascinating and deeply moving! Brilliant. Power to the people!! (A)   Exceptional story beautifully told. (A)  An outstanding film – very moving- the fight against cruelty. (A) A great story from a more principled time-before the trade unions were emasculated by a prime minister who supported General Pinochet. (A)   Wonderful- words nearly fail me! (once more proud to be Glaswegian)(A) Great film – Great story shows how good can come through in the end. (A)  Who are the men of such dignity and integrity today? (A)                   

B: A heart warming tale: Good to be reminded of the integrity and idealism of Trade Unions activists and leaders in past times. (B)  Surprisingly moving. The effect and result of the consequences of actions are astounding. (B)  Very moving. (B)   It’s so good to see a real film. (B)    Very moving and interesting (B)   Great story (B) As a film it seemed unsophisticated + perhaps over-extended. But as a testament to the values we have largely lost, it is a priceless record. (B) Very interesting – a supreme example of commitment. (B) Everyone should see this. Brilliant in so many ways. (B) Very moving, wonderful music, up the workers. (B) Fascinating story-courageous men- Illuminating of the era of Chile’s coup. (B)

C:  Thought provoking about the role of unions and the Scottish political disconnect in the UK today. A lot to learn from history. (C)

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