Martin Eden (2019)

Date Shown

22nd Jun 2022

Audience Reaction:

A: 06, B: 13, C: 04, D: 0, E: 0

A: What a thinky film & only 1 dog reference. Presumably, he swims to America (A) Absorbing. Passionate character (A) Engaging, captivating, wonderful acting. Rich texture of music and portraiture – brilliant. (A) Great film! (A) A good mix of darkness and light – beautiful, tragic + very Italian. (A)

B: Brain drain but great. (B) Loved it. (B) A beautiful depiction of Italy and Napoli. A country that always succeeds in destroying itself (B) Very Good – but rather depressing. Intense. (B) Bit confusing! (B) Interesting for an hour, but neither the politics nor the love story hung together by the end. (B) Intense! (B) What a huge example of the desire to succeed and fail! (B)

C: I couldn’t get past my dislike of the main character. (C) I did not like the whole tone of the story! (C) Mixed feelings. (C) I need to read more reviews – couldn’t understand the overall message! (C)

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