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5th Apr 2023

Lamb poster200To me, this is a stark contrast to social media platforms cynically using algorithms to direct people to more of what they know, eliminating risk, controlling the narrative, and pushing viewers into polarised groups at the expense of challenging, unfamiliar content. This really is the opposite of our inclusive community, into which we all contribute and coalesce around. We share a common understanding of film language and traditions, do not agree on everything, but share a desire to explore, discover and be challenged by cinema.

‘Lamb’ (2020) certainly falls under the challenging category. Starring Noomi Rapace of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ fame, this genre-defying Icelandic mix of folklore and horror follows a couple on a remote sheep farm adopting a strange lamb as their own child. This is a slow burner, starting with almost semi-documentary scenes of farm life, but soon shifts into a slice of ‘Scandi-weird’ with extraordinary jaw-dropping moments along the way. It is more than just shocking though, with much deadpan humour, ‘Lamb’ won the Prize of Originality award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, and is truly unlike anything you have seen before at the cinema. ‘Bracingly original’ The Hollywood Reporter,  The Guardian.

Audience Reactions

A: 04,  B: 13,  C:05,  D: 04,  E: 0


A: Great film! (A) A one off (in a good way!) (A)

B: Unusual but beautiful + great music (B) Gripping in a strange sort of way (B) Engrossing (B) A good idea played straight but a poor finale (B) What an intriguing original film (B) Strangely compelling! (B) NOOMI RAPACE – Brilliant actress (B) Beautiful and emotional in the first half but I didn’t really understand the Icelandic Folklore context. Scenery stunning but so bleak; I think I might go quite off the tracks in that environment. (B) A very strange and beautifully coiffured sheep. Not sure of the meaning-reminds me of the play Hefted, about the connection between sheep, people and their lands (B)

C: Brilliant acting – not sure about the content! (C) Beautifully acted..but……. (C) Definitely built up the suspense but slightly disappointing denouement – for me dryly amusing. (C)

D: Somehow strangely watchable, but difficult to understand. (D) Weird (D) Well acted but very strange. (D)

IMDB details

Lamb | October 8, 2021 (United States) 6.3


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Countries: Iceland, Sweden, PolandLanguages: Icelandic


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