If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

Date Shown

9th Oct 2019

Audience Reactions:

A: 21, B: 20, C: 06, D: 03, E: 01

A: At last! An American film without sentimentality – all the emotions were earned! Great acting. (A) Racism will always prevail. Need more films like this. Beautifully handled. (A) Superb acting. Bleak but very moving (A) A deeply moving & troubling film (A) Gorgeous! (A) As close as you can get to a portrayal of reality (A) Achingly good. ‘Sweet land of liberty’ – I don’t think so! (A) ‘They told me who to pick out’ (A) Quite a bit of dialogue could not hear properly (A) Charming, beautiful. Are they all going to be that good? (A)

B: What a lovely film – what a wake-up to how humans behave so badly and so brilliantly (B) Very good…protracted and slow but also does highlight prejudice against black Americans (B) Great music. Shame no happy ending!! (B) Couldn’t hear it. Dialogue too soft (B) Sub titles – awful diction (B) A few too meaningful looks, but otherwise great acting + well paced. (B) Bad sound (B) Sound not always clear. Could have done without last scene. (B) C: Good film, but very slow (C) Sweet, sad, thought provoking but slow (C) Could have been better! (C) Very atmospheric. Sub titles would have been helpful

(C) Sub titles would have helped (C) Couldn’t hear dialogue (C)

D: Unable to hear spoken word clearly so missed quite a bit. Agonisingly slow. Family interaction part very good. Cinematography good (D) Too drawn out – also difficult to hear at times- I felt we were underwater! (D) Too slow paced. Too many clichés. Too much humping and puffing. Extremely well acted. Appreciated music (D)

E: If Beale Street could talk it would have said, turn on Swan heaters, it’s a pretty cold cinema (E)

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