I Never Cry (2020)

Show Date:   4th May 2022

Audience Reactions:

A: 12, B: 13, C: 03, D: 0, E: 0

A:    Brilliant actress, good pace. (A)  Fabulous acting. Raw emotion. Loved the dark humour. (A)  Another great film. What an actress! Educational about the EU as well. (A)  Brilliant performances.  (A)  For a debut in lead, she was perfect. Brilliant portrayal. (A)  A moving and powerful story; not least an extraordinary insight into Polish people working within the EU. (A)  

B:    Fine performances, emotional family story (B)      Lovely main character! (B)  What an actress! Fantastic performance of our debut seventeen year old!  Thanks! (B)  Really gritty- touching ending. (B)            Moving insight into Polish workers abroad. (B)  Very convincing on many levels. Brave girl! (B)  Excellent acting, brilliant story. Since when was life fair (B)

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