Honeyland (2019)

Show Date: 2022-04-20

Audience Reactions:

A: 24, B: 09, C: 04, D: 0, E: 0

A:  A wonderful film in every regard. (A) A beautiful, natural film left me wishing for more. Superb! (A)      Astonishing. Wonderful slice of life. Animals and children as good as the stars! (A)          Great film! (A)   Beautiful filming-extraordinary story (A)  Documentary or fiction? Intriguing, wonderful photography (A)  A brilliant allegory of how people are treating the earth (A)  Compassion versus greed! (A)  (A.B. feature) Wonderful. (A) Extraordinarily mesmerising. Drew me in to such a different life. (A)   A story of many truths. Beautiful and authentic. (A)   Very moving! Superb! (A)  Wonderful film. Life is tough! Very moving the way Haditze related to everyone. (A)   An extraordinary portrayal of an almost unbelievable contemporary way of life. CHARACTERS TOO TRUE (A)   Wonderfully filmed – loved Haditze (A

B:  A fable for our times about ethical food production. Both uplifting and shocking in equal measure (B)     Bleak reality of the lives of others! (B)  Powerful story – excellent photography. (B)  Very real & raw depiction of real people’s lives. (B)      Beautiful film. A real queen bee. Life at a basic level but full of beauty. Male chauvinism (B)

C:  Good…. but harrowing. I won’t complain about life again!(C)     Good…but a bit grim! (C)  Good…but too long. (C)

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