Drive My Car

Date Shown

26th Oct 2022

Drive my Car (2021) from Japanese director Ryusuke Hamaguchi. It is a serene yet riveting drama. Nearly three hours long and laden with awards this developing connection between a widowed theatre director and his female chauffeur is unpredictable while revelations slowly emerge, as enforced close proximity within the car creates a sense of uneasy intimacy. As the title infers, most of the film takes place inside the car, but it is the sheer quality of the immaculate script and acting that holds the film’s tension, slowly peeling back the layers, revealing an engrossing and satisfying conclusion.

Audience Reactions


A: 12,  B: 04,  C: 04,  D: 1,  E: 0

A: So many layers – superb acting (A) Very Japanese, brilliant camera work. (A)
What an emotional roller coaster (A) That was a wonderful experience (A)
Great film by a master film maker! (A) A road trip of discovery. (A)
Didn’t seem like 3 hours. Absorbing. (A)
Wonderful, naturally evolving story. Loved the developing relationships (A)

B: Very unusual – car kept very clean! (B)
Fascinating story of life, love and those parts of it that truly matter. Great acting. (B)

C: Brilliant ideas – but too complicated – a bit more editing – a love song to Uncle Vanya. (C)
Shorter would have been better! (C) Good – but not 3 hours good. (C)

D: Needed serious editing. It wasn’t necessary to watch the whole of Uncle Vanya!!

IMDB details

Drive My Car | August 20, 2021 (Japan) 7.6


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Yûsuke Kafuku
Misaki Watari
Oto Kafuku, Yûsuke's Wife
Koji Takatsuki
Lee Yoon-a
Kon Yoon-su
Janice Chang
Ryu Jeong-eui
Roy Lucelo
Yumi Etô
Takashi Kimura
Kaoru Komagata

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Countries: JapanLanguages: Japanese, English, Korean Sign Language, German, Mandarin, Tagalog, Korean, Indonesian


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