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14th Jun 2023

Deerskin poster200Quentin Dupieux is a French artist specialising in film-making and electronic music. His work is highly surreal and comedic, with plenty of absurdity thrown into the mix for good measure. As an example his 2009 film ‘Rubber’ tells the story of a car tyre that comes to life and kills people using psychokinetic powers. Whilst splitting audiences at various film festivals it was generally praised, with the Huffington Post noting that ‘Dupieux succeeds in creating an entertaining, sometimes even tense horror film…It is an uber-cerebral spoof that is at once silly and smart, populist yet high-brow like absurdist theatre’. 
Now able to attract bigger- named stars to work with, Quentin Dupieux casts Jean Dujardin as Georges, a man desperate to buy the deerskin jacket of his dreams, and Adele Haenel, as an aspiring film editor/barmaid Denise he encounters along the way. With his rugged matinee-idol good looks, and a string of Best Actor awards to his credit, Dujardin, who became a world-class player 12 years ago as the lead in the Oscar- winning black and white silent-film tribute ‘The Artist’ (2011), plays Georges as a clueless buffoon in pathological denial about his desperate plight. Having driven into the countryside to buy the ridiculously overpriced second-hand tasselled jacket, the seller throws a digital camcorder into the deal. With his ex-wife freezing his bank account, Georges checks into a hotel, pretending to the barmaid that he is in town to make a film. This barmaid is Adele Haenel, another multi-award winning French actor, last seen at Cinematheque in the Oscar-winning ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ (2019), another definite ‘must see’ beautiful film.
The deadpan tone of ‘Deerskin’ takes a darker turn as Georges hears his new jacket telling him it wants to be the only jacket in the world. He decides to film himself convincing local townspeople to give up their jackets, which he steals and buries in a hole. Denise shows interest in editing the film, lending money to finance it, and encourages Georges to take more extreme and sinister action to fulfil his jacket’s desire. Repeatedly laugh out loud funny and gloriously crazy, much of the humour comes from watching two great actors playing this ridiculous and quirky film completely straight. ‘Entirely bizarre, uncompromisingly silly and intensely French horror-comedy’ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, ‘Wickedly funny’ Little White Lies Magazine, ‘Hilarious and unhinged’ Indiwire Magazine.

Audience Reactions

A: 07, B: 01, C:06, D: 07, E: 1.


A:  Sleepy beginning after the treasurer’s report – but wonderful black humour for our times.  (A) Excellent …and more..but less! (A)   Intriguing, captivating, fascinating and original!  (A)  Weird and wonderful (A)    Great film (A)  We get some really different and interesting films! Thanks for the diversity and education Cinematheque (A)

B: Brilliant example of French culture! Amusante! (B)

C: Beautiful isolated setting. Art imitating life imitating art? A bit long- (C) Amusing, then brutal, then ridiculous! (C) Good…but completely ridiculous. (C) Average. Not as good as I was expecting (C) What to say? Mad! But quite enjoyable. (C)

D:  Not for me. (D)   Amusing but!! About narcissism? (D)       Didn’t quite do it for me! (D) Quirky, funny (D)  Okay but …. Try harder!(D)  Full of holes. Messy. (D)

E: No words! (E)

IMDB details

Deerskin | May 1, 2020 (United States) 6.6


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Countries: France, Belgium, SwitzerlandLanguages: FrenchBudget: €4,000,000 (estimated)


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