Compartment Number 6

Date Shown

19th Oct 2022

Compartment No. 6 (2021). Set in the 1990s, Laura is an archaeology student travelling by train across Northern Russia to see some prehistoric rock carvings. She ends up reluctantly having to share a compartment with a hard-drinking Russian miner, Lyokha, returning to work. He is gruff, chain smokes and often drunk, while she is aloof and regards him with horror. Slowly, remarkably, an unlikely friendship begins to develop. This Cannes Grand Prix winner, with beautifully believable performances from both actors, is a rich, emotional yet unsentimental journey, with a central theme of finding common ground across cultural and geographical borders.

Audience Reactions


A: 21,  B: 08,  C: 06,  D: 0,  E: 0.


Smiling – gosh Russia is bleak! (A)  Great acting – another world conveyed by images not words. (A)
Really good! Imaginative, comedic, emotional (at some points) (A)   Amazing! (A)   Enigmatic!  (A)                     
Great film, well acted! (A) Extraordinary characterisation, most unusual love story (A)
Not filmed in Sherborne! (A) Wonderful, tense, funny & surprising. (A)    A quest – albeit in vain! (A)
Brilliant – fascinating setting (A)   Charming story, beautifully filmed, very well acted & atmospheric (A)
A bit long but a real insight into Russian life. NO FENCE YET! (A)
Great acting – touching and amusing. I won’t complain about Network Rail again (A)   
How can a film of 2 people in a train be so gripping? It captured me! (A)                                                                 I loved the ‘journey’! How the story built as the characters’ emotions and vulnerability developed (A)   

Brilliant location filming! I could almost feel the discomfort of the railway carriage and the cold of the snow! (B)  
DA! (B)    Compelling cinema. (B)   Kept you guessing. Believable. (B) 
Great acting – It looked so cold – so Russian. (B) Fantastic acting (B)  

Strangely compelling(C)   Quite entertaining. Moments of first love in a tough environment (C) 
Too long a journey(C)     A long journey – why? A good actress (C)

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