Capernaum (2018)

Date Shown

15th Dec 2021

Audience Reactions:

A: 14, B: 05, C: 01, D: 01, E: 0

A:     How can we ever complain about our lives again? (A)  Zain – a real man (A)  What a world we live in! (A) Yonas – the little boy stole his scenes – So pleased he was reunited with his mother.  Very, very moving. The difference between a parent who truly loves her child versus 2 that don’t (A)   Great film (A)  Truly memorable. The love, the tenderness. The horrors of mankind (A)   We can’t imagine how people have to live, so we can’t judge! It might be a story but how real! (A)  The grinding poverty Global-there’s a book called ‘Slum Plant’ even the richest country America has grinding poverty and slums… (A)  No denying it’s a great film but I’m not sure I have the stomach for such misery now. (A)                      

B:    The meaning of desperation. (B)   An extraordinary story, compelling but uncomfortable. (B)  Harrowing and also uplifting. The plot around Zain court case against his parents really did not hang together very well though. (B)  Extraordinary performance by Zain. Too long but brilliant. (B)  Very good…but what an awful place to live. (B)  

C:    Moving storey – shows how hard life can be. (C)

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