Burning (2018)

Date Shown

3rd Nov 2021

Audience Reactions:

A: 02, B: 13, C: 14, D: 10, E: 02

A: A bit long but great music. (A) Great film on the state of South Korean millennials. (A)

B: A sad film, rather long but interesting and moving. Great music. Dreadful ‘rich kids’ toying with Jongsu and Haemi. (B) Beware tidy people. (B) Intriguing, slightly too long, much food for thought and speculation. (B) Many layered, subtle. (B)

C: Very strange, but very sad. Too long (C) Too drawn out until the ‘crunch’ (C) Good film but what a wanker (C) A mystery from beginning to end! (C) Good but rather slow and cryptic. (C) Intriguing but overlong (C) Hitchcock could do it much better! Pretentious and too long. But some great performances. (C) Good as a film, but too nasty to enjoy (C) A bit too long, before any action! (C) Kept my interest for half – then didn’t care and predictable (C) A bit too long – too strange for me (C) Can’t decide – great soundtrack though (C/D)

D: Didn’t enjoy it. Too slow. Hoped it would turn out happier! Main character was characterless. (D) Trying (D) A slow burner…painfully slow (D) Too long and slow (D) Much ado about nothing (D) Couldn’t empathise with main protagonist –much preferred so called villain! (D) Too gloomy-but interesting- well acted. (D) Rather tedious – although fascinating at times (D)

E: Boring! (E)

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