Brian and Charles

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15th Feb 2023

Brian and Charles poster200Brian and Charles (2021), an absurdist British mockumentary comedy. The tale follows Brian, a lonely inventor in rural Wales spending his time building ridiculous contraptions which seldom work. Undeterred by his lack of success, Brian builds a robot for company from a discarded washing machine and various spare parts. Much to his amazement it comes alive (in a convenient lightning storm, of course) and names itself Charles Petrescu. With nods to Wallace and Gromit, this distinctly British comedy is primarily about loneliness and the power of friendship and companionship according to director Jim Archer. However, it is a riotously bonkers heart-warming story with many big laughs along the way. This feel-good charmer won the Audience Award at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and is just the best antidote to a dull, late winter February night. ‘This moving buddy comedy has charm to spare’ Mark Kermode.

Audience Reactions


A: 13,  B: 14,  C: 03,  D: 03,  E: 0.

A: The world needs more Brians and Hazels –what a delight (A) Very, very weird but in a slightly marvellous way (A) Touching, funny and fabulous countryside. (A) Funny, uplifting, endearing and life-affirming. (A) Great film (A) A joy! (A) I’m really enjoying. Excellent! (A) Wonderfully quirky – absolutely loved it! Thank you. (A) Fab! Made me laugh. (A) Lucky Charles didn’t try it on with Hazel cos I want to (A)

B: Lovely feel-good film. Very gentle humour – think I love Charles Petresku! (B) Escapism taken to the extreme (B) Clever madness! (B) Wonderfully ridiculous!….rather sad (B) Charming, much jollier than Frankenstein (B) Charming, original (B) Crazy but thoroughly entertaining (B) Amusing! (B) Perfect escapism. (B)
Could only be made in the UK. Utterly bonkers, charming, hilarious small budget film. Love the quality of filmmaking and acting. (B) Just wonderful – felt so angry with the scenes with the bully farmer – powerfully disturbing. Very magic – such a lovely relationship between Brian and Charles. (B)

C: Quirky, imaginative well acted. (C) Crazy! (B)

D: ‘Okay but’…..A big but! (D) Sorry – too weird for me!! (D)

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Brian and Charles | July 8, 2022 (United Kingdom) 6.7


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