Birds of Passage (2018)

Date Shown

5th Jan 2022

Audiance Reactions:

A: 12, B: 09, C: 03, D: 0, E: 0

A:     Perfectly pitched, brilliantly acted and deeply moving. The Wayuu world seemed so real and wise! (A) Slow beginning but brilliant capture of strong women & stupid men. (A) Great plot development and cultural tones.(A)  Bleak beyond words!!  (A)  Leonidas, what a naughty boy! (A) Great film (A)  Muy bien. And that is only the start of it….(A)   A stark portrayal of the clash between tradition and the affluence resulting from the drug trade. (A)  A bit like a book group. I enjoyed seeing a film about a subject/theme I would never have ordinarily seen (A)    

B:    Money – the route of all evil! (B)   Powerful story in a wild setting. (B) There’s nobody left alive…It must be a draw.  (B) Evocative –  (B)  I am at a loss to draw only one ‘moral’ from this compelling presentation of cultural clashes. Powerful. ( B)

C:  Families, money, power, a deadly combination. (C)      Amazing! Wretched evil weed! (C) How fighting and war never has a happy ending. (C)

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