3 Faces (2018)

Date Shown

26th Feb 2020

A search for a missing girl leads to a small Iranian village; and many questions about the country’s patriarchal attitudes. Director Jafar Panahi, still under house-arrest in Iran, once again champions women and exposes Iran’s lingering misogyny.

Audience Reactions:

A: 06, B: 15, C: 12, D: 03, E: 0.

A: Really enjoyable. What an insight into rural life in Iran; and what it must be to live in such a patriarchal society. Hats off to Jaffar Panahi! (A ) Compelling (A) Great film (A) Brilliant use of close up to reveal a universe of human interaction (A)

B: Enjoyable – funny – Ah for old customs! (B) A very real + disturbing film. (B) Strangely compelling (B) Interesting picture of Iranian rural life. (B) Reality TV? of Iranian village (B) Fascinating – though slightly confusing! (B) Glad to be living in England (B) Absorbing – v. real (B) Desperate story + superb photography (B) Fascinating – well filmed – photography excellent – a different world. (B) Full of fascinating insight from a courageous director. (B) A different perspective on Iran for me (B) Fascinating insights. Wonderful humour slightly too long. (B) Brilliant window onto Iranian life and moves (B)

C: Truly another world! (C) Interesting + enlightening!(C)

D: What about the bull?? (D) Not my favourite (D) A bit long and slow (D)

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