Hit the Road

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18th Oct 2023

Iranian cinema has a history of censorship similar to that of Argentina. ‘Hit the Road’ (2021) is a family road-movie from first-timer Panah Panahi, whose father, the celebrated, infamously banned director Jafar Panahi, has spent much of his recent years in prison or under house arrest for his work. His films include ‘Offside’ (2006) (shown at Cinematheque), about a group of young Iranian girls who disguise themselves as boys, sneaking into the national stadium in order to watch a World Cup qualifying game. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 women have been banned from attending football matches. Panah Panahi has worked on several of his father’s films, and brings the experience to his own work.

      ‘Hit the Road’ follows a mother, father, two sons and a dog in a chaotic, claustrophobic car as they venture who knows where? Their unspoken destination causes concern, but the drama is all about the journey and the beautifully observed relationships, evoking universal experiences. Criticism of Iran’s authoritarian regime is implicit in every stage of the journey (including the disposal of a mobile phone), but is portrayed with a light touch. With a great soundtrack this intelligent, funny, moving film is a delight.

Audience Reactions

   A: 07, B: 10, C: 07, D: 06, E: 0


A: Amazing shots/so moving & amusing extraordinary landscapes & acting was brilliant (A)      
Great film (A)  Very moving, performances, music, landscape and themes. (A)   
A breath of fresh air – and a different film if the parents had remembered to bring the Ritalin. (A)   
I can hardly bear to write anything. He’s probably stuck in Calais now + no one back home knows, but there are dreams still. How did they get the child to act so brilliantly! (A) 
Great acting, funny, and totally tragic situation. The drawn-out pace reflecting the uncertainty, and need to wait about to avoid capture!  (A)       

B: Entertaining, brilliant child actor and others. Lacked punch (B)  
Magnificent scenery – good acting – very absorbing story. (B)   So poignant & funny. Love & family & language – & trust. Where were the travellers going? Would they ever return? A bit slow 2/3 through but I could watch it again (B)   Loved the music (B)  Wonderful scenery – strange script (B)  
So good artistically and quite funny, but why make us work quite so hard to get the political message? (B)       Yes! (B)    Such a different life – restricted travel. – Untreated ADHD! –  Great music (B)    

C:  I wonder if something was lost in translation! Lovely characters, beautifully shot (C)    Bizarre, beautiful countryside (C)    Challenging journey but enjoyable (C)     Wonderful photography & music. So sad yet funny. (C)   Interesting. Great child actor, Iranian culture (C)         

D: Very odd – not rushing to go to Iran. (D)   Very good acting and a poignant story but very slow. (D)           Too long as usual. Insight into Iran. (D)

IMDB details

Hit the Road | March 4, 2022 (Sweden) 7.3


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