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10th Jan 2024

‘1976’ (2022) from debut Chilean director and actor Manuela Martelli Won the 2022 London Film Festival Best First Feature award, this taut political thriller is set three years after General Pinochet’s military coup overthrew the democratically elected Salvador Allende government. It follows Carmen, a middle aged, middle class grandmother who is overseeing the renovation of her family’s summer beach home, when she witnesses a forced ‘disappearance’ outside a shop, as opponents of the junta are being hunted down. Soon after, her family priest quietly asks her to hide and look after a young political activist he is secretly sheltering and thus her,  until now, protected lifestyle is forced to confront what is occurring all around her. Carmen’s daily routine becomes governed by a rising sense of fear- is she being followed?- as a climate of uncertainty and paranoia overtakes her life. Aline Kuppenheim is terrific as Carmen in this intelligent portrait of the ways in which the pervasive influence of Pinochet’s dictatorship affected everyone in 1970s Chile. ‘Outstanding, engrossing drama-thriller…a terrific debut’

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

Audience Reactions

  A: 17, B: 14, C: 05, D: 01, E: 0

A: I was involved from the first scene, symbolism of pink circled around, to the red icing and Carmen’s dress. Blood- danger everywhere- during Pinochet’s regime. (A)  Finely judged sense of menace juxtaposed with quotidian family life. (A) A great depiction of a Fascist state- terrifying! (A)  Terrifying, and a country run by one of Margaret Thatcher’s mates! (A)  Well produced, evocative. (A)  Very believable world created through images as much as dialogue or plot. Great film. (A)  Acting brilliant, how would we cope? Juxtaposition of poignant crimson theme worked. (A) The fear/tension were palpable! (A)  Exceptional in every respect; chilling, but somehow very warming. (A) Gripping story, beautifully shot. (A)  Great film. (A) Excellent and compelling, suspense and menace- and subtle. Evil period that needs to be remembered. (A)

B: Very moving, suspenseful, how it must feel living among people who you feel so alienated from. (B)  An interesting view of Chile in the 1970s. Tense, gripping. A glamorous granny.(B)  Captured the terror of the Pinochet era very well.(B) A real sense of menace. (B)  Beautiful country, sad history, everyone living in fear. (B)   Understated scary depiction of a repressive regime. (B)  Brilliantly depicted oppression. (B) Very moving/gripping- excellent music from Maria Portugal. (B)  It was only at the very end that I realised how much I liked it!                    

C: Interesting, food for thought. (C)  Subtly done, but at times too subtle! (C)  Disappointing. The storyline was something of a missed opportunity.(C)   Enjoyed the Spanish/Chileno! And a snapshot into life under Pinochet (C) 

D: What can one say other than that was Chile of its time? (D)

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Chile '76 | October 20, 2022 (Chile) 6.7


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Countries: Chile, Argentina, QatarLanguages: Spanish


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