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14th Feb 2024

I first saw ‘Alcarras’ at a Cinema for All S.W. Region viewing session early last year, and was knocked out by this moving tale of a rural family’s upheaval, then was surprised when it seemed to slip under the radar- in this country at least- even though it received rave reviews from the 2022 London Film Festival, and won the Golden Bear Award at the Berlinale in the same year.

‘Alcarras’ follows the Solés, a family living on and running a peach farm they have worked for generations. Tensions are raised when the son of their deceased landlord announces he wants to evict them and bulldoze their peach orchards, to be replaced by a sea of solar panels. Each member of the multi-generational, tight-knit family is cleverly followed in their reaction to this bombshell, from grandfather Rogelio in denial, to the playful small children (all given plenty of screentime), powerfully played by this outstanding, mostly non-professional cast. ‘Alcarras’ has an exquisitely detailed focus on the rhythms of rural Catalonia family life, albeit facing an uncertain future.

I loved this richly textured Spanish ‘Grapes of Wrath’ with its storyline nudges into the political sphere amidst a bucolic landscape, where the intrusion of modernity into a traditional heritage threatens the loss of the Solé’s livelihood.  ‘A masterpiece’ Pedro Almodovar, ‘Superb’ the Telegraph.

Audience Reactions

A: 16, B: 16, C: 05, D: 02, E: 0


A: Brilliant a dynasty imploding before your eyes (A)   Great storytelling. Top performances. Thought provoking ending. Who is going to grow the food? (A)    Quite emotional. I would like to visit Spain again. (A)     I liked how the handheld camera captured the rawness of the mundane (A)      Brilliant portrait of a family – all under pressure. Totally credible, great acting. (A)      The end of a way of life. (A) The little guys get squeezed. Topical, as ever. When will things change? (A)  Excellent acting, moving story (A)  Best Intergential (A) Exceptional in every respect; chilling, but somehow very warming. (A)     Slow, real, deep. What is progress? Music carried the film. (A)     Excellent film – very sad but brilliant acting. (A)       Delightful and memorable. Bring on the Festa Major! (A)                                                                         

B: Brutal watching a family gradually destroyed by ‘progress’. I loved the mother! (B) A timely and moving account of agricultural change (B)  Charming, beautifully acted, wonderful observation of life in changing circumstances. (B) A very powerful + moving fiIm. The powerlessness of the family was distressing. The destruction of land to give food and sustenance v. big business + profit (B)   I enjoyed it very much. A story of ’progress’ and family. Two hours a little long but that was the tempo of the tale.(B) Charming, beautifully observed – I would have liked a happy ending, Wonderful acting – Sad (B) Thomas Hardy transposed to Catalonia?  (B)  One can learn from such tough families (B)  Interesting parable of tradition versus progress. No winners (B)  Lovely building of community, family, friendships, tension etc etc. You really care (B) A rather sad but delightful film (B)   Such tension behind the bucolic setting. Excellent acting, poignant & topical – I’d let Iris take over soon! (B)

C: Beautifully shot but a bit aimless at times. (C)      Too chaotic (C)

D: Immersive portrayal of dilemmas arising from climate change & farming but too slow for me (D)   Eastenders on location. Dad needs some serious psychotherapy. What was the point? (D)

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Alcarràs | February 24, 2023 (United States) 7


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