2023 – 2024 Season

The Quiet Girl poster

The Quiet Girl (2022)

In rural Ireland a young girl is sent to stay with distant relatives for the summer. As she quickly blossoms in this new environment her presence unearths an unspoken tragedy. Beautiful, heartfelt, already feels like a classic.

Show Date: 20th Sep 2023

Azor poster

Azor (2021)

Welcome to the alluring world of the ultra-wealthy in 1980s Argentina, where a Swiss banker arrives in Buenos Aries to placate his worried clientele. A suave thriller, and a riveting look at international intrigue worthy of a John le Carre novel.

Show Date: 4th Oct 2023

Hit the Road poster

Hit the Road (2021)

Panah Panahi’s thrilling Iranian family road-movie deftly navigates a sea of conflicting emotions- tender, quirky, laugh-out-loud funny, but with an unspoken edge to the destination. Great soundtrack.

Show date:  18th Oct 2023


Triangle of Sadness poster

Triangle of Sadness (2022)

Outrageous take on the class war set aboard a luxury yacht from contemporary cinema’s leading satirist and award-winning Ruben Ostlund. A twisted black comedy dissecting the dynamics of power and privilege. Chaotic fun.

Show date: 1st Nov 2023

Eo poster

EO (2022)

This award-winning film from Polish
veteran director Jerzy Skolimowski is the
tale of EO, an escaped circus donkey, encountering an eclectic cast as he treks
across the Polish and Italian countryside.
Brilliant and affecting.

Show date:  13th Dec 2023

Chile'76 poster

1976 (2022)

Suspense drama thriller set 3 years after
Pinochet’s military coup; gives an unnervingly brilliant portrait of life under a
dictatorship for the Chilean people.
Outstanding, compelling, searingly intense.

Show date:  10th Jan 2024

Return to Seoul poster

Return to Seoul (2022)

Critically acclaimed South Korean drama
where an adopted woman returning to
Seoul tries to contact her biological
parents. One woman’s story explores
universal truths about the human
condition. Engrossing.

Show date:  31st Jan 2024

Alcarràs poster

Alcarras (2022)

Moving Spanish multigenerational story of
a family of peach farmers facing eviction
from their long-held farm. With an
outstanding cast, this moving film is hailed
a masterpiece by Pedro Almodovar, no less.
Not to be missed.

Show date:  14th Feb 2024

Saint Omer poster

Saint Omer (2022)

Riveting and utterly unmissable French
courtroom drama from acclaimed
filmmaker Alice Diop. Breathtaking, intelligent, beautiful… 10 out of 10.

Show date:  28th Feb 2024

Spirit of the Beehive poster

Spirit of the Beehive (1973)

Made in 1973 under the nose of the Franco
regime, this Spanish bona-fide classic of
European cinema is quite simply unmissable. An audacious critique of the Spanish Civil War. Remarkable, spellbinding.

Show date:  6th Mar 2024

Women Talking poster

Women Talking (2022)

Set in a remote US Mennonite community,
with a fabulous cast, this story of female
abuse from Miriam Toews’ bestseller
ultimately speaks universally. Intelligent
and articulate.

Show date:  3rd Apr 2024

All that Breathes poster

All that Breathes (2022)

Beautifully made, visually captivating Indian documentary, a profound meditation on the relationship between humans and nature, where 2 brothers run their own hospital for wild birds in Delhi. Stunning photography.

Show date:  17th Apr 2024

Cairo Conspiracy poster

The Cairo Conspiracy (2022)

A fisherman’s son is offered a place at a
prestigious Islamic school in Cairo and
finds himself drawn into a religious and
political power struggle. Intelligent and
intense conspiracy thriller.

Show date:  1st May 2024

The Eight Mointains poster

8 Mountains (2022)

Italian depiction of a friendship between
2 men who spent their childhood together
in a remote Alpine village, and reconnect
later as adults. Patient, profound and

Show date:  5th Jun 2024

The Old Oak poster

The Old Oak (2023)

Ken Loach’s final film completes his
trilogy of dramas from the north-east. A
pub landlord in County Durham struggles
to keep his pub open as the one remaining
public space in the town. Intelligent and

Show date:  12th Jun 2024