Cinematheque, Yeovil's Film Club

Films showing in the 2019 - 2020 season.


Sep 25 The Guardians

Oct 9 If Beale Street could


Oct 23 The Third Murder

Dec 4 Woman at War

Dec 18 Divine Order


Jan  2 Jan 29 White Crow

Feb 12 House by the Sea

Feb 26 3 Faces

Mar 25 Burning

Apr 8 Nae Pasaran

Apr 22 Styx

Jun 10 Sorry we Missed You

Jun 24 Birds of Passage

Jul 29 Pain and Glory & AGM

The film season brochure is available here.glosy28-4fold.pdf

The Guardians

Classic French traditional storytelling in the Thomas Hardy manner. Beautiful to look at, this powerful story of women keeping family and farm surviving while the men fight at the front in the First World War. Unmissable.

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If Beale Street Could Talk

Director Barry Jenkins follows up the Oscar-winning Moonlight with a beautiful and emotionally rich adaptation of a James Baldwin novel of black lives in America.

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The Third Murder

In favourite Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s gripping film, a defendant is obviously guilty of murder; but the more that is uncovered, the murkier everything appears.......      Captivating and ‘mysteriously beautiful’.

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Woman at War

Charming and smartly plotted Icelandic tale of independent feisty Halla taking on the local aluminium industry as an undercover environmental activist. Through quirky gags this call to arms delivers an urgent political and human message. Hugely enjoyable.

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Divine Order

Broadly humorous but powerful comedy of a young housewife challenging the status quo in fighting for women’s suffrage in 1971(!) Switzerland. Feel-good and crowd-pleasing entertainment.

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White Crow

With Ralph Fiennes directing, and a David Hare script, ballet legend Rudolph Nureyev’s sensational escape to the West in the early 60s is elegantly told with plenty of quality dancing on screen.

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House by the Sea

Robert Guediguian’s slow-burning layered family drama – a working class version of a Chekhov play. If you enjoy classic French Arthouse films, this is for you.

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3 Faces

A search for a missing girl leads to a small Iranian village; and many questions about the country’s patriarchal attitudes. Director Jafar Panahi, still under house-arrest in Iran, once again champions women, and exposes Iran’s lingering misogyny.

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Award winning South Korean psychological mystery thriller concerning class conflict and obsessive love, with something of a Patricia Highsmith novel about it. Suspenseful and gripping.

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Nae Pasaran

Heartfelt Chilean take on Scottish factory workers refusing to service Pinochet’s war planes, grounding most of  Chile’s air force and thus saving many civilian lives in 1973. Astonishing and moving.

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German/Austrian taut moral thriller. A lone yachtswoman encounters a rusting vessel overloaded with refugees mid-ocean. Does she help or keep the distance as she is advised? Intense and powerful.

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Sorry We Missed You

Ken Loach’s superb swipe at zero-hours Britain. Substantially researched, this is a gut-wrenching tale of a delivery worker driven to the brink.

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Birds of Passage

This powerfully affecting Columbian drug-trade saga, combines the epic sweep f the Godfather with the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Profound cinematic film-making.

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Pain and Glory

Pedro Almodovar’s latest delivers another sensuous and deeply sensitive film about an ageing film director in decline. His most personal film in years.

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Moving and affecting depiction of life below the poverty line in Beirut. Winner of The Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, with two astonishing child-lead performances.

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