Cinematheque, Yeovil's Film Club

Films showing in the 2017 - 2018 season.


Sep 13 Arrival

Sep 20 The Age Of Shadows

Oct 11 Graduation

Oct 18 Manchester By The Sea

Nov 1 Aquarius

Nov 8 The Salesman

Nov 29 The Handmaiden

Dec 13 After The Storm


Jan 10 Paterson

Jan 17 Julieta

Feb 7 I, Daniel Blake

Feb 21 The Olive Tree

Mar 7 Certain Women

Mar 14 Truman

Apr 18 Franz & AGM

The film season brochure is available here.glosy28-4fold.pdf


A visually inventive and lyrical offering in the science fiction category but avoiding the genre’s clichés. Directed with a sure hand by Canadian Denis Villeneuve ARRIVAL is about communication as well as the human experience of love and loss.

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The Age Of Shadows

Political overtones can be found this period thriller set in the 1920s, specifically the conflict between Japan and Korea . With rich settings as well as sumptuous, detailed sets and costumes, this is a feast for the eyes, punctuated by breathtaking action sequences.

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There’s a welcome clarity of vision in this tough yet elegant exposure of Romanian compromise and corruption.  Romeo, an honest doctor, is confronted with moral choices to be made when his daughter’s academic success is jeopardised by a physical assault.

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Manchester By The Sea

Heartrending it’s true, but this masterly, award -winning drama, set in a wintry, coastal Massachusetts is totally absorbing. Every performance is superb : “I could not take my eyes off any of these people.”  (David Keyes, Cinemaphile)

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AQUARIUS takes its name from a beachside apartment block in Recife, Brazil. Sonia Braga is electrifying as the music teacher who defies the greedy corporation planning to turn it into luxury flats. Architecture as the site of memory.

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The Salesman

Modern Iran under the microscope as an acting couple (rehearsing Death of a Salesman) relocate to a new apartment. More of a thriller than Fahardi’s previous films.

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The Handmaiden

Sarah Waters’ Victorian novel FINGERSMITH gets transferred to 1930s Korea.  A compelling tale of revenge, full of plot twists. Expect dark humour and stylish design.

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After The Storm

Like his legendary predecessor Ozu, director Kore-eda  (OUR LITTLE SISTER) is a great observer of  disappointments and regrets. In this, his latest work, a blend of comedy and drama, the flawed protagonist Ryota hopes still to play a significant role in the life of his estranged family.

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A small cinematic miracle. Jim Jarmusch conjures up a sublime film from the triumphs and setbacks of daily life in Paterson, N.J.  Especially recommended for lovers of dogs, cupcakes and, above all, poetry.

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Enthralling meditation on the mechanics of memory, grief and alienation, based on short stories by Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro and without Almodovar’s trademark delirium. Top marks for design and acting.

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I, Daniel Blake

A passionate plea for social justice with the welfare system as its target . Timely , astute and intensely moving , Ken Loach’s multiple award winner shows a visit to the DWP turning into a Kafkaesque nightmare.

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The Olive Tree

The themes here in an ecological fable are the environment and family loyalty. A young woman journeys from Spain to Germany to retrieve a  thousand - year - old tree from corporate bigwigs.

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Certain Women

 Best Film at the LFF last year. A portrait of independent women whose lives intersect in a small rural town in Montana. Reichart’s unfussy style is beautifully eloquent.

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A bittersweet comedy about the ups and downs of life and coming to terms with its limitations. Features two of the Spanish  - speaking world’s finest actors.

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Frantz stars Adrien Rivoire as Pierre Niney, a French soldier who travels to Germany to lay flowers on the grave of a fallen German soldier, and becomes involved with the man's family.

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